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The invention of the tampon was a product that revolutionized the lives of women. Historically tampons of some fashion were experimented with throughout the ages and can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians.


Dr. Earle Cleveland Haas is credited with developing the modern tampon in the 1920’s. Tampax Corporation improved upon Dr. Haas’ invention and opened their doors for business in 1936. The Tampax founders used a perfect combination of aggressive selling and good taste to market their new product.

Over the years, Tampax has dispelled the myths and misconceptions on the sensitive subject of menstruation and have produce quality products. The Tampax Pearl Plastic, the Tampax Compak Pearl, and the Tampax Flushable Cardboard tampons are available in Light, Regular, Super, and Super Plus sizes. Tampax tampons are used and trusted world wide.



Supermarket and discount chains offer generic feminine hygiene products, but this is really one area of the budget where name brand products are worth the extra price. To offset the costs associated with purchasing quality feminine hygiene products, having quick access to Tampax coupons can really help the pocket book.



But how are you going to find Tampax coupons? You can of course scour your mail for coupons sent in magazines or newspapers. And then there are those advertising mailers that come from local supermarkets. In fact, supermarkets are one of the most excellent options for getting Tampax coupons. Because supermarkets try to specialize in having everything you need, chances are pretty good that they’ll be more likely to highlight products for savings. But supermarkets aren’t the only place to get Tampax coupons, and they aren’t the only place to send out advertising mailers. Drugstores are another very effective option for finding Tampax tampons at a reduced cost. If you can find a corner drugstore, you might be able to find a lower price than even at a major chain with a hefty coupon. That’s why Tampax tampon coupons, as you are well aware, are probably your best bet for getting a lower price. But even though drugstores offer advertising mailers similarly to supermarkets, is that really your best option?



Perhaps one of your best options for getting a lower price is to find printable Tampax coupons by accessing our free manufacturer coupon database of current coupon offers. Coupons don’t just come to your mailbox, after all. And they’ll only come to your e-mail inbox if you’ve signed up for a newsletter of some sort. Internet coupons and online promotionals are almost better than print publications, because they are more accessible and, often for larger chains, represent an equivalent manner of advertising. When you put in the effort, therefore, to finding Tampax coupons online, you could possibly find a pretty good deal compared to what you would get if you just waltzed into the store.



A great way to find printable Tampax coupons is to come to a website like ours. We can try to keep you posted about your coupons options so that you can narrow down your search. Between e-mail newsletter sign ups and other services, we maintain as current of information as we can about the financial picture between you and the feminine hygiene products you like to purchase.