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The sledge hammers rang out all day on the maintenance crew.  Lunch time was a welcome reprieve.  When dad pulled out his lunch, he was offered whole lunches and many other things for one piece of his homemade bread.  As his son, I had the same experience while working during the summer at the municipal parks and recreation department.  Even the teenagers loved that same bread made by mother.  From my two sandwiches, which was four thick slices of homemade bread, I was offered Hostess desserts, sodas, chips, and other luxurious snack food  that we rarely had at home for one piece of my homemade bread.  Forty years later, mother still gets letters asking for the ingredients and recipe of her homemade bread from those who were fortunate enough to have a little taste here or there throughout the years.  I can’t remember all the ingredients, but I do know the bread was made with some honey, yeast, salt, whole wheat, a little leftover wheat mush, and whole milk.  I never did know the exact measurements. Even mom, now near 80 years old, can’t remember the exact ingredients or measurements so she turns to the next best thing, Rhodes homemade bread.  And she saves money as well as time when in the kitchen by finding and using Rhodes bread and roll coupons.

While certain seasons of the year are likely to result in a great many more coupons than others—before and after holidays are popular times for specials—generally, one can find Rhodes bread coupons throughout the year.   Here at Grocery Tips 101, we offer free manufacturer coupons through our database of current coupon offers. Always be on the lookout for greater savings opportunities by using your Rhodes bread coupons when individual stores are offering Rhodes products at an advertized reduced price or as a non advertized in store special. You just might double or triple your savings.  There are even coupon users savvy enough to combine their coupons in such a way that they end up getting the product extremely cheap and once in a while even for free.



One of the biggest benefit’s of using Rhodes coupons is that they are available for more items and uses than just loaves of white bread.  Rhodes dough can be used to make delicious foods such as cinnamon rolls, pizza, orange rolls, garlic bread, whole wheat bread, sticky buns, hard rolls, and caramel bun.  Rhodes dough is also fabulous for making all sorts of creative appetizers and holiday foods.   Free Rhodes coupons are a must have for the budget conscience shopper. 



It doesn’t necessarily need to take a lot of time or money to feed your family.  If you plan, prepare right, and use free Rhodes bake and serve coupons and online Rhodes bread coupons, you can enjoying stocking your freezer with Rhodes when the price is right.   So bring a little magic of grandma into your home today.   There really is nothing quite like the smell or taste of fresh homemade bread.