Grocery Coupons

Produce Coupons

When you’re looking for produce coupons, you are looking for one specific spot in particular: the produce section of your supermarket. Now, whereas the more culinary adept areas of a supermarket, such as its bakery or deli, might appear less likely to offer discounts, some of the most common coupons and specials are in the produce aisle. Coupons might be a little less common than simple price cutting strategies and savings options, but you can still find coupons good for your produce section of your supermarket if you look hard enough. Looking hard enough might also help you discover that you actually need to get a new supermarket. But more on that in a moment.

Produce coupons often come in the manner of saving a certain dollar amount off the standard price per pound. Some produce is sold by the unit, but those generally won’t have coupons so much as reduced prices. The same is also generally true of the produce sold by the pound, but often, produce sold by the unit is produce being featured as a special part of a seasonal event. For example, when California Cuties come through your local supermarket, they’re often accompanied by discounts and, sometimes, coupons.

But now we get to what we mentioned about perhaps needing a new supermarket. You see, not all supermarkets are equal in their discounts and coupons. And if you discover that your local grocery store just can’t meet the prices you need so you can afford the fruit and vegetable deliciousness that you desire, you might have to look around at other options. Larger supermarket chains tend to more commonly issue coupons than smaller places, but it does indeed depend on the current grocery climate for your area. You just need to watch the trends in the produce coupons and shop around a little to be sure you’re getting the best deal.

Now, all that shopping around is going to cost you in gas. Will free produce coupons help you make back the money and time spent? It depends on how willing you are to put in the planning effort. If you are deliberate in your shopping, you can maximize your time so that you invest time once a week or even once a month and use that time to locate the coupons you need so that you can make just one shopping trip to get everything you need. And when you buy your produce smart like that, you have the chance to get the kind of produce that will keep.

So just as important as finding a supermarket that offers discounts and then finding the discounts themselves is planning smart so your coupons work. Produce coupons are no good if you pay as much or more in gas to get to where you can use them—unless you maximize that trip by shopping smart. That’s the real trick to coupons; either you can check quickly and go anyway without the coupon, or you can make it an intensive plan and get exactly where you need to go.