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Milk Coupons

Perhaps more common than milk coupons are milk discounts. Milk manufacturers (not the cows, but the companies) and supermarkets both know how big a part of the American diet milk happens to be. They therefore know that if they can move more product, they can make more profit. It’s a fine line to walk, deciding how much to sell their milk for, and it involves highly sophisticated information systems, but the punchline is that you just might wander into the store looking for eggs and wind up finding milk at an absolute steal. But then there are also and on top of that, milk coupons.

Milk coupons generally come in the buy several and get them at this discounted price manner. Some stores won’t even necessarily require the purchase of all three gallons, for example, to get the discount. They’ll just advertise it in that manner to entice you to make the purchase. However, that goes back to the kind of discounts that are based out of the store and not based off the bit of paper you have in your hand: the milk coupon. The coupon will ask you to meet its requirements exactly in order to receive the discount you desire.

Because this kind of requirement is generally in the buy in bulk type, milk coupons aren’t for everyone. If you’re not a heavy milk drinker, while it might be nice to save on milk, you might be better served looking for discounts on products that you tend to consume more of. And if that’s bottled water, well—good luck on that, too. It might almost be harder to find discounts on bottled water than to find coupons for milk. But we’ve been bashing coupons for milk pretty heavily; is it really true that you can’t find them?

No, in fact, it isn’t. What makes it hard is that the coupons have to justify the marketing expense. But with internet coupons and other kinds of coupon codes or printable coupons (such as those sent through an e-mail newsletter), it’s a little cheaper and more effective to distribute coupons. This is true of milk coupons, too, and it’s quite likely that you can find the savings you want by going online and poking around. And since you’re already online, we’ll let you in on one of our secrets: manufacturer’s coupons are often easier to find online than in the store.

And when it comes to the milk manufacturers, you’ve really hit the gold mine for milk coupons. Milk isn’t necessarily a high profit margin item. It costs a lot of money to take care of all those cows and produce the kind of milk that people like to drink. So stores are going to be very judicious about just who they let have savings on their milk. But when the manufacturer cuts the price, the stores can more swiftly—or are sometimes required to more swiftly—follow suit. So what are you waiting for? Just because they might be uncommon shouldn’t stop you. Find those coupons by accessing our free manufacturer coupon database and save money today!