Grocery Coupons

Manufacture Grocery Coupons

Contrary to what you might initially think, manufacture grocery coupons aren’t the kind of coupons that get you discounts on groceries that get pumped out of automotive manufacturing plants. Rather, these are coupons that are provided by the manufacturer instead of the store. They have a very distinct advantage over store based coupons: longevity. Stores are all about quickly moving through vast amounts of inventory, as a way to continually maximize their profits. That’s why most store sales only last a few weeks at most, with the same thing generally true of coupons as well.

But manufacturers are more interested in moving massive amounts of a single product, rather than quick and large amounts of many products. Because of this, if a manufacturer decides that one product needs an added sales boost, they will release manufacture grocery coupons. But because the manufacturers are in this for the long haul—General Mills won’t be getting rid of major cereal lines any time soon, for example—they tend to put date stamps on their coupons that keep them from expiring for months or even over a year. But while that kind of longevity is one of the major benefits of using a manufacturer’s coupon over a regular grocery store coupon, there is another big advantage.

That advantage is that of the profit margin. Grocery stores, and supermarkets in particular, may have numerous ways of making money—so many departments, as well as tire changing services, cell phone sales, and a host of other products—that they can usually exist on slim margins. However, they might have more overhead than a manufacturing business, because they have to pay larger staffs and keep their stores looking nicer. Manufacturing businesses generally can dip into pretty deep pockets when they reach down to offer manufacture grocery coupons. They can therefore often lop more off the top than a grocery store can itself.

But manufacture grocery coupons aren’t necessarily the best way to go. After all, they’re relatively rare; manufacturers may only resort to using them when they’re working on moving out a discontinued product line, for example. Furthermore, you can usually only get them by buying another product from the manufacturer. Because they want to increase the chances of people buying their products without having to enter into a massive marketing campaign—these are manufacturers, after all, not retail chains—they’ll tend to rely on an already solid customer base.

And what’s more, these aren’t likely the coupons you’ll find in grocery mailers. Those usually only reflect the store’s discounts, sales, and special prices for the week. But with that said, grocery stores will often still receive notice from a manufacturer that they can cut their prices on certain products and reflect the fact that it’s geared to be a series of manufacture grocery coupons or discounts, rather than simple price slashing. But even though manufacturer’s coupons may be a little rarer and may be more finicky than store discounts, they still represent great savings when you get the chance to take advantage of them. So access our free manufacturer coupon database for current coupon offers and opportunities to save on the products you need and want.