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And what a range of products this is! From Kraft macaroni and cheese to Kraft Vegemite (and if you don’t know what Vegemite is, you’re possibly very lucky—it’s an acquired taste), this manufacturer and distributor of foods covers every palate with their pleasing tastes. So you think that finding Kraft coupons would be relatively easy, right? After all, if they’re such a popular brand, your ability to track down and make great use of some savings shouldn’t be all that difficult. Well, as you’ve probably discovered, difficulties may arise for you in unexpected ways.

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One of the first of these ways is in discovering that your Kraft coupons aren’t for the products you wanted after all. Maybe they are for Vegemite, for example, but when you heard that it was the Australian version of peanut butter, you weren’t ready for axle grease. You really did want some Kraft peanut butter, but were out of luck. That was last week’s coupon, not this week’s. So what do you do about it when you can’t use your coupons that you wanted, or when the one you need is no longer available? The key is to build a little bit of discretionary budget into your budget for groceries.

What that means is that the biggest difficulty of getting the mileage out of Kraft coupons that you want to get—or out of any coupons, really—is that timing is not always on your side. The key thing is to therefore have a few extra dollars set aside so that even if you have more macaroni and cheese than you think you can eat, when the mac and cheese coupon comes along, you use it. That way, you find yourself always in mac and cheese, and at a lower price than you thought. Eventually, savings start to roll in when the time you normally would have bought mac and cheese at regular price passes you by because you stocked up on it at a discount.

But another way that Kraft coupons can prove difficult is that they’re usually a manufacturer’s coupon, not necessarily a store based coupon. That means that while you might have a coupon to Kraft that works at one supermarket, it won’t work at another chain. Even worse is if you were shopping someplace outside of the norm and your usual shopping haunt doesn’t even normally carry Kraft products. You just have to stay abreast of where it is you can go to use your coupons. For best results, use our free manufacturer coupon database to keep notified of current Kraft coupon offers.

So as much as you love Kraft, you have to be crafty—with the pun very much intended—to maximize your savings with Kraft coupons. Unless you’re planning far ahead, you might find that the coupons you want aren’t always the coupons you can find. But when you think and plan ahead and know exactly where it is that you can use your coupons (and where you can’t), you’ll be able to get the Kraft products that you wanted. Even if you do get them a little early.