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We discovered an interesting fact about General Mills the other day. Back when deep sea exploring was at its peak, one of the major investments that the Navy made was in a highly sturdy submersible that could explore deep ocean trenches. However, they were having a tough time finding somebody to manufacture the submersible, for various reasons, until they started looking beyond their usual contractors and discovered that General Mills was willing to take the contract. Does that mean that you’re supporting valuable scientific research by using General Mills coupons? Well, in a way, it probably does. General Mills is always refining their products—breakfast cereal, predominately—but apparently is willing to do their duty to their country when the price and opportunity are right as well.

Having covered the somewhat ridiculous but rather amusing fact about deep sea submersibles, we did a little exploring of our own to learn what we could about General Mills coupons. One of the things we came to discover is that like many manufacturers’ coupons, they aren’t always available when you want them to be. However, also like many manufacturer’s coupons, they can be the kind of grocery store coupons that really let you sink your teeth into something tasty, and for a better than usual price. And here at Grocery Tips 101, we offer a free manufacturer coupon database to help you find the General Mills coupons you need.

We also discovered that General Mills products are pretty popular. Of course, Kellogg’s and other cereal manufacturers have their slice of the market share, but General Mills coupons are one way that General Mills is able to attract and retain customers. It’s not a perfect way, of course—they have to decrease their profit margin—but when you discover General Mills cereals, you often undertake your own voyage of exploration to sample a few of their products. And then they put their effort into making their cereal constantly better and consequently appealing.

General Mills coupons, you may or may not be surprised to discover, function in much the same way as other coupons. Sometimes, they offer dollar or cents amounts off the standard price. Other times, they offer a percentage amount off that price. Still other times, they require you to buy several of a product in order to receive another of the product at a discount or (sometimes) even for free. And the last kind we discovered is a sort of mix and match coupon, whereby you’re able to buy several featured General Mills products and add them up to a price that is, overall, discounted.

So General Mills coupons really go just to supporting General Mills, but don’t take that as a cynical statement. What does General Mills go to support? You. Your healthy life and your enjoyable breakfast by providing delicious cereal and other products for you to have in the morning. And General Mills also, apparently, supports deep sea research. (Or, at least, they have within the last few decades.) Maybe they’re looking into how it would be to grow wheat and corn at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. Who knows? But by using coupons, you discover quite the breakfast in the end.