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My Grandpa grew up on farm and enjoyed collecting chicken eggs.  However, he was only allowed to do so if he used a bucket and went in the pen with his father.  Eggs were a precious commodity in those days and were sold to a local mercantile for much needed money.  One day Grandpa went inside the coop alone and gathered eggs in his overall pockets, as he had done on prior occasions even though he had been warned not to.  When his father came home and found him in the pen alone, he reminded my Grandpa of the instructions not to gather eggs that way.  His dad then took his hand and smashed my Grandpa’s pockets, breaking all the eggs inside.  Grandpa was told to sit under a tree, get the eggs out of his pockets, and think about what he had been told.  As the gooey eggs dripped down his body and the flies circled about, my Grandpa leaned a great lesson; You do not gather eggs and put them in your pockets, and you need to listen to your dad!


Have you looked at the prices of eggs lately?  Each week the price seems to creep a little higher.  With the price of eggs on the rise, it would appear that eggs are once again a precious commodity.  So it would make sense for the savvy shopper to find and include egg coupons in their coupon inventory.

While certain seasons of the year are likely to result in a great many more egg coupons than others, we suggest you do stock up within reason around the holidays - especially Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter - for these are popular times for specials.  But generally, one can find egg coupons throughout the year.   Always be on the lookout for greater savings opportunities by using your egg coupons when individual stores are offering eggs at an advertized reduced price or as a non advertized in store special. You just might double or triple your savings


Here at Grocery Tips 101, we offer free manufacturer coupons through our database and provide you with the information and opportunities to get egg coupons. We encourage you to follow an e-mail newsletter, for example, that sends egg coupons directly to your inbox.   If you visit egg manufacturer websites, there are also coupons there.  Free egg coupons can also be found in newspaper coupon inserts.  One of the best ways is to locate printable egg coupons that you access online from the comfort of your home.  And of course, we can do our best through our resources to tell you all about them.


One of the biggest benefits of finding and using egg coupons is to remember that eggs are an important part of your diet.  Eggs are a natural nutrient-dense food.  This means that eggs have a high proportion of nutrients to calories. A single large egg contains about 70 calories and provides 13 essential nutrients in different amounts.  Most of the egg’s nutrients are found in the egg yolk.  Eggs are also an essential ingredient in most baked goods.  They are just one of those foods that are good to always have on your refrigerator shelves.  So be on the lookout for free egg coupons.