Grocery Coupons

Cleaning Coupons

Products that hardly ever seem to vary in price are cleaning products. Usually, when you go to the supermarket, your goal is to restock on your groceries for the week. And supermarkets know this, so they issue coupons in departments that most people spend most of their time in. If you were just going to get one block of cheese, for example, but have a coupon for a second one, you’re more likely to at least consider that additional purchase. When it comes to cleaning supplies, though, your cleaning coupons might not entice you so quickly to pick up a second can of Comet.

However, that isn’t to say that grocery stores never issue cleaning coupons. On the contrary, cleaning products are often among the ones most commonly featured in coupons. Because of their longevity, cleaning products aren’t going anywhere. Supermarkets know that they can feature broom handles, for example, all while knowing that the broom handles aren’t going to go bad in a week. And one of the benefits to the supermarkets of featuring these products is that if you were initially just going to restock on groceries but then stopped in to get a bottle of detergent from your coupon, you might see some other cleaning products you need to pick up.

But with all this talk of supermarket marketing strategies, you might be wondering if there really is any benefit in using coupons. You are right to wonder, of course; supermarkets want to provide you valuable products, of course, but they want to do it at a profit. But the whole point of us talking about cleaning coupons isn’t necessarily to persuade you to use them or to dissuade you from ever touching them; it’s to help you match your expectations with what the coupons will actually deliver. So when you get coupons for cleaning products but know that the store is really just trying to increase your business, you can choose just how to use that coupon.

When we say that you can choose like that, we don’t mean that you can try redeeming cleaning coupons for products out of the meat, dairy, or produce sections. Coupons don’t work like that. But what we do mean is that you can decide how quickly you walk down the aisle, how much you avoid looking at other products you might want to buy, or how much time you allocate to the cleaning aisle so you can get your discounted product and a few others that you needed, too.

The point, then, of knowing all this about cleaning coupons is to realize that supermarkets wouldn’t necessarily carry a product unless they had an extra way to make a little money from it. That’s as true of cleaning products as it is of them deciding to add new brands of cereal. But when you’re aware of the store’s intent and of the coupons’ purposes, you can maximize your shopping trip so that you get what you need for a price you can handle.

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