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From my earliest memory, I recall being on the farm during the canning season. We bottled everything – fruit, vegetables, and meat.  When the fruit peddler came through the country side selling peaches, mother would bottle 16 bushels of peaches.  Then we had 30 quarts of apricots and applesauce to can from the fruit off Grandma’s trees.  From our garden, we bottled string beans, corn, squash, pickles, and tomatoes.  We also processed bottled chicken.  All of our canning bottles were either Kerr or Ball Mason jars.


One summer, I remember it being called the summer of the butterflies.  The weather was cooperative and there were so many butterflies during the spring that the apple trees were well pollinated and produced a huge surplus of apples.  In the late summer and early fall, the whole community got together and made apple juice for any and all who would take it.  Our whole food pantry was soon full of apple juice.  We had so much we didn’t know what to do with it all. A few weeks later, our aging Grandmother came for a visit and was suffering some health problems.  With a curious amazement, Grandmother eyed the full Kerr bottles of apple juice and asked, “What are you going to do with all this apple juice?”  Mother said we needed to find someone to take it off our hands.  Grandmother then explained that her doctor had recently told her she either needed to start taking some expensive medication or she would have to find a whole lot of apple juice.  In the spirit of thanksgiving, we loaded Grandma’s car with the bottles of apple juice she needed.  Eventually all the apple juice was at Grandma’s and lasted a few years.

Whenever I see a Kerr jar, they stir up those wonderful memories of canning and the delicious smells.   Kerr jars became the symbol of food preparation, food preservation, and neighborhood get-togethers to share the harvest. We still use Kerr jars in our canning.  And if you are smart you will too and save money in the process by finding and using free Kerr coupons.



Certain seasons of the year are likely to result in a great many more Kerr coupons than others - particularly during the summer and early fall are popular times for Kerr canning specials.  But it is always a good idea be on the lookout for greater savings opportunities by using your Kerr coupons when individual stores are offering Kerr products at an advertized reduced price or as a non advertized in store special.



It does not take a lot of time or money to learn to can and preserve fresh food to feed your family.  And as we face tougher times, more than ever, canning and home food preservation are skills that families need to learn and practice.  Free Kerr coupons and Printable Kerr coupons from our manufacturer coupon database will help you be able to purchase the right tools and ingredients necessary to preserve food and provide for the dietary needs of your family.